The Food We Eat

Green Farm Egg

Yes, some of Deborah's eggs are green. Deborah's a church buddy of my dear Mom. She brings eggs for the family. Really, really good eggs from chickens that run free.

Realize it's important to make 'real' food connections here in New Jersey (suburban Manhattan). There's nothing like farm eggs and things grown by people you know.

Today, mushroom soup.

Made the mushroom stock from 1/2# regular mushrooms. Add water to cover. Simmer 1 hour. Strain liquid, removing mushrooms. Continue to simmer the liquid for another half hour, adding one beef bullion cube.

In the meantime, saute 1/3 C. diced onions with 1 t. suger in 2 T. butter until onions begin to brown, then add 1/4# thin-sliced shitake mushrooms for a couple mintues, until the mushrooms are shiny.

Add it all together and you have a super fresh mushroom soup.

Add a dash of half and half if you like cream of mushroom.

Add some green onions "for pretty" and it's not only tasty, but beautiful.

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