Single & Cookin'

One must eat.

Even when one lives alone.

I like two-pound bags of frozen shrimp, the big ones in the re-sealable bags.

For less than $20 you have 4 or 5 meals.

Top a layer or two of lettuce with an in-season vegetable to beautify the plate (forget healthy, this is about aesthetic).

Two handfuls of shrimp go in a vented microwaveable container with 1/4 C water for 3 or 4 minutes at high power.

Mix up some cocktail sauce (ketsup / horseradish / lime juice) or nuke a T. or two of butter @ 30% power for 30 seconds. After, splash in a bit of lime juice.

Two handfuls of fresh-veggie-du-jour + a splash of water.

Vegetable / Season / Microwave Cooking Time @ High

Asparagus in May/June /1 minute
Green or Yellow Beans in June / July / August / 3-4 minutes
Corn is steamed on the stovetop in July / August for 9 minutes
Brussels Sprouts / Beets / Squash in September/October / 4 minutes

Buon appetite.

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