Microsoft and Apple Can Both Bite Me

Trying to get a half-hour film compressed for web viewing.

Edited the thing on a Windows-based system because that's what I had when the thing started.

Since then, I've gone Mac-happy. Or so I thought.

Can't cross-edit or compress a Windows .wmv file on Apple's software. No. That would be too easy.

Can't compress a 350 MB file on Windows software to anything near small enough to view on the Internet. Besides, Windows-formatted video is too choppy.

Apple can compress just fine with pretty much universal playability.

Prefer Apple's DVD-making program but it requires Apple-based original material.

Net-net: I'm bending over.

Bite me. Both of youse.

Net-net-net: the film will be net-able in the next 24 hours or I'm a Halloween pumpkin at Thanksgiving.

POST NOTE: Flip4Mac allows .wmv files to be saved, played in Quicktime and works splendidly, seamlessly, through all of mac's Quicktime-based editing programs.

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