Pollution and Poverty

As reported in today's New York Times, the administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency, Michael O. Leavitt, said,

"There is no environmental progress without economic prosperity. Once our competitiveness erodes, our capacity to make environmental gains is gone. There is nothing that promotes pollution like poverty."
The poor live and breathe pollution more than anyone. They should know. The Chinese know.

The poor are easy targets.

Fear and desperation make good workers and criminals.

We solve that problem of crime by declaring war on it. Prisons are a growth industry.

Under certain models, the strong hold dominion over the weak with the blessing of God.

That's the way it always has been.

Watched Lars Van Triers' "Dogville". You should too.

Nothing promotes poverty more than greed.

In other news, watch Berkeley CA as it votes in November on Proposition Q that would decriminalize prostitution.

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