According to the New York Times, "Monsanto and Scotts have developed a strain of creeping bentgrass for use on golf courses that is resistant to the widely used herbicide Roundup. The altered plants would allow groundskeepers to spray the herbicide on their greens and fairways to kill weeds while leaving the grass unscathed.

". . . .In the new study, scientists with the Environmental Protection Agency found that the genetically engineered bentgrass pollinated test plants of the same species as far away as they measured -about 13 miles downwind from a test farm in Oregon. Natural growths of wild grass of a different species were pollinated by the gene-modified grass nearly nine miles away."

I'm just saying.

Furthermore, the Diocese of Tuscon has declared Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Bishop Gerald F. Kicanas of Tucson wrote that bankruptcy was, "the best opportunity for healing and for the just and fair compensation of those who suffered sexual abuse by workers for the church in our diocese."

The RCC is going down. Here's hoping they do it with dignity.

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