"Brass Angel" by Ludwig Industries, Inc.

Industry. Economy.

The United States sells Treasury bonds to finance its work; sells more when taxes don't cover the deficit, as now.

Individuals usually buy Treasury bonds but in the first quarter of 2004, 86% of those bonds were purchased by Asian governments - up from 47% in 2003. Bond sales prop up the value of the dollar but make our products less competitive internationally. My guess is, Asian governments will continue to purchase U.S. Treasuries until the cows come home to China.

China is now the No. 1 destination in the world for foreign direct investment, direct investment being factories, equipment, and real estate. France is No. 2.

Governor McGreevey has conducted himself as a leader should. My heart goes out to him and his family. His courage and politics, well done.

Marriage is the legal expression of commitment, social contract, duty, responsibility, privilege, rights. In the largest sense, what our culture requires is a renewed commitment to commitment. Opening marriage to free expression regardless of religion, race, gender and indeed more controversially - number - would only stabilize and enlarge potential for stable homes, communities and governments.

Freedom to decide for one's self. The pursuit of happiness. Stability.

Those things are what government owes its citizens.

Just sayin'.

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