Flower Tree

Flower Tree

The seasons change.

Artist as businesswoman.

I disagree with Gaping Void's "Cash & Sex" theory.

Sure, I pay the bills with an excellent job. But it is a job that gives me 150 free days a year to do with what I please - if I am fiscally careful.

How am I fiscally careful? For one thing, I buy nothing but tools; for myself and others. I use the tools to create things. Synergy. Vortexes.

Which is to say that I invest in myself and others and in the promise of work.

I advertise.

Advertise not inexpensively in 11211 Magazine, the publisher of which has just launched his next venture, 10003 Magazine.

I consider myself a walking ad for myself.

Agree, however, with McLeod's "More Thoughts on How to be Creative".

"Pay More." For things. Buy quality. Support your repairmen. The other side of the "Pay More" coin is, "Buy Less".

Support individuals not corporations.

Honor. Dignity.

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