Heirarchic v. Co-operative: Why US Should Declare WWIII for World Domination

War is based upon the masculine Hierarchical Imperative. The need to know one's place is the core of patrialinealness.

Left to their own devices, men create opportunity to satisfy their need to know their relative place in the world. From time to time, a fellow decides to take a step up. That's war.

In the largest picture, we could see current conflicts as the process of forming of a world government.

Let's ask the question now, before it's too late: Who will rule the world and by what principals? Old or new testament? Capitalism or something else? Hierarchy or Co-operation?

My vote is something new, based upon what history teaches us.

Let us convene a world congress charged with developing a new document based upon the U.S. and all Constitutions. The proceedings would sure make good TV.

Terrorism has won, for in the simple act of fighting it, we degrade freedom in every arena.

In the meantime, abandon Israel until it conforms to U.N. mandates, and get U.S. Military out of Saudi Arabia. Use the billions we would have spent on the war to develop alternative energy solutions, pronto.

Give extent oil companies incentives - bribe the greedy fucks - breaks - to develop and market new technologies to consumers. The ones in power wish only to retain their power and increase their wealth. Give them what they want.

QUESTION: What's with the newscasters laughing between stories? I miss Walter Cronkite so much.

Once almost pinched Cronkite's ass, but that's another story.



    If you could choose thirteen people to draw up a world constitution, who would you charge with the task?

  2. Though I know my own blog and writing aren't nearly so political, artistic, or...serious in any way...I just wanted to tell you I've ran into your site a couple times now, and really enjoy your commentary. I think you're right on about the issue maintaining the "sanctity" of marriage, and your post about a World Government reminds me of the childhood dreams I had of our world's future. Keep on writing, and I'll keep on reading :)

  3. Katie,

    You made my day!

    Hope you DO come back.


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