Fuck You; Me First - I

"Fuck you; me first."

When it became apparent that some folks succeed by means of ruthlessness, I apprenticed myself to a few colleagues.

Joe Pants instructed me to meditate on the phrase "Fuck you; me first," and to return only when I'd achieved clarity. It took me a month but I got it.

Problem is, ruthless clarity slips away like Jell-o in the hand.

Then Joey told me to fire Vince & Stevie - my first mentors - since in his estimation they didn't know the first thing about ruthlessness.

The "BUY THIS ART" botton at the bottom of this page PayPals me $14 "for a Joy Well Done."

I am an artist.

And a philosopher.

And a composer.

And a singer.

And a sound mixer.

And a poet.

And a choreographer.

And a good woman.

Send $14 damnit.

I don't need the money, I need the support.

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