Sex, God, & Government - What's Wrong With This Equation?

"Still, the rate of teenage pregnancy in this country remains much higher than in most other developed countries. It is double the rates in England, Wales and Canada; about four times the rates in Sweden and France; and eight times the rate in Japan."

Published: June 1, 2004 in The New York Times

Brody reports that all schools that receive Federal money have been teaching abstinence only since 1998. Under the terms of their agreement, they only mention contraception in terms of failure rates.

The unanswered question is: what percentage of middle and high schools receive Federal money?

Under the abstinence agreement, five years of statistics show that kids these days tend to wait an additional 18 months before having inevitable sex. Ah. A year and a half increase in virginity. The problem is that when these virgins do have sex, they tend not to use any protection at all. STD's up. Unplanned pregnancy: up.

This dilemma will not be solved until we stop treating symptoms and look at the disease: the cultural fetishization of sexuality.

God has a place in sexuality, but not as hall monitor.

Government has no place in the bedroom at all.

The United States is supposed to be a secular government but the U.S. is in fact as fundamentally religious as any government organized under the Taliban. At least the Taliban admit their radical fundamentalism.

Stop the lies. They will only stop lying when we tell them to stop. Until then, it is assumed we believe them. They are not wrong.

Where on earth is our critical thinking? Where the philosophers? And the poets?

Declare war on greed.

- Watson, out

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  1. Just a further note on the subject: teach kids that sex is best accomplished with due consideration and thought. Contemplation. Honor. That'll keep 'em virgins for a very long time.

    - Watson, out


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