Set Dressing

"Department of Mathematics" short poem, 2003 / set dressing for the film / private collection

Shown at Dam, Stuhltrager Gallery, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, USA ("The Offal Project," with Breuk Iversen, publisher of 11211 Magazine.

Not difficult to construct a film if one has vision.

- Watson, out


  1. I recently started a blog on screenwriting and noticed you have an interest in it as well. And how cool it must be to be on the East Coast with all those resources for your work. Just wanted to say hello. Oh yes, noticed you're a fan of P. Reage ('Story of O' I assume?). Ditto that. Didn't much care for Chateau.

  2. Visited your site.


    Made me not a little bit uncomfortable to see myself reflected in your pages.

    I am 99.9% certain the film project I'm working on will get made.

    Is that delusion of graudeur? Hubris?

    Those things are some of the most difficult parts of this process.

    If I don't believe in it, who will?

    Thanks for visiting.

    - Watson, out


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