The Princess & The Vet

Still from "The Princess & The Vet" trailer for The World's Longest Open Love Letter"

The psychology of healing from trauma has come a long way.

In the 60's and 70's there was nothing for survivors really, but an emptiness charged with bolts of shame and isolation.

At one point I had to say, "Screw this," and learn how to be in the world as one of society's most valued - from a self-perspective, mind you.

As a philosopher schooled in the ways of the Greeks I could not help but model the new self I planned to sculpt - by means of theater-based behavior modification - upon the 'ideal'.

So I declared myself a princess.

The World's Longest Love Letter is the result.

I went about as Princess-at-large for about eighteen months.

Invented reasons to stay in better contact with my peer group of friends.

Vowed to do four major performances in twelve months and indeed, did five, culminating in the welding / wedding of my best friend to his soul mate (see "Welding Hat" below - part of the wardrobe designed and produced for the event).

The culmination and denouement of my career as PAL was The Welding / Wedding of Steve Bennett and Carol Wierzbicki.

Now we celebrate their anniversary by filming the thing with all our buddies - without the blackout to complicate matters. Hopefully on somebody else's nickle.

People will continue to help me make this.

Ten Grand? What's ten grand?

Five dollars. Everybody can afford five dollars.

A ten dollar donation gets you two free tickets to the premiere.

I've kept my vow and made the movie.

Now the movie's gotta make me.

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