Portal Theory & Digital Literature

The World's Longest Open Love Letter was written entirely in HTML on the Internet.

Checking statistics, certain natural portals emerged: "Blow Me University" was the first.

"Blow Me University" arose out of an essay I wrote concerning the propensity for guys to bust one anothers' chops as a means of establishing their place in the hierarchy. That essay was titled "Ballbusting 101 for Girls."

There came a huge, and I mean huge, surge of hits to my site.

Turns out there are a considerable number of men (and women) who are aficionados of the sport.

At first blush I was shocked and appalled but the idea of BMU arose. If I honored my ballbusting visitors with my curiosity and without judgment, perhaps I could lure them farther in to the World's Longest Open Love Letter. For sure I would grow as a human being. So. Why not.

The next portal to emerge was "Erotica" as I wrote about what it might mean to consciously open my body to another human being in intimacy.

Lots of poems and short stories were birthed from that.

'Erotica' is a popular search term.

Portal Erotica was born.

I study the stats.

Essays. BMU. Social Satire. Perfect. Portal 'Essay' viola!

The portal theory affected how I wrote the book. My unconscious tended toward balance: body, mind, work, community; wanted each quarter represented equally.

- Watson, out

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