Peaceful Coexistence

"Buddha Necklace: Portrait of a Princess" 2002 by Fred Hatt, Paul Aldhy Leroy and Jan McLaughlin

Between the body, intellect and spirit.

As far as I know, this state of balance has never existed in Western Culture.

Peaceful coexistence has been co-opted by the money machine that sows and reaps.

It's a fact: if you hear 'X' enough times the human mind will assume 'X' to be true.

Consumer capitalism is simple; it's all about getting one's cut.

The pharmaceutical companies are among the most powerful these days because they hold the keys to our lives and their quality.

Companies like Monsanto also exert great power over national policy.

Our oil and corn-based mono-culture is setting itself up for a huge fall.

I'm turning off my television for good today.

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