This is an ad I placed in 11211 Magazine.

It has a smarmy kind of elegance.


They cracked down on illegal posters in Berkeley and in Newark. In Newark, you can't hand our fliers either. Well you can, but there's a $500 fine plus cost of cleanup and ninety days in jail.

"Cleaning things up."

Images did show an ocean of fliers in the gutters around the city center. Lots of people handing out fliers.

Suspect it's a first amendment thing and that an artist, not selling anything, but giving away poems, would be the test case.

This kind of crackdown definitely puts a chill on artists who typically don't advertise in the local print or television media.

I do, but that's not the point.

Advertising hasn't got me shit yet. Naw, that's not true. Advertising got me a bunch of art shows.

It's gotten me more exposure than I might have otherwise have. Stats show the spikes and they are often marvelous.


Lets talk about key words and search engines.

I allowed my desire for visitors to affect content.

Content was responsive to the search engine results rather than the other way around.

Wound up owning one of the most popular ball busting fetish sites.

Totally inadvertently.

But for the pretty good forum, it's totally static since I built it as a portal.

Guys getting vulnerable.

Terrifying and interesting.

See, I told you there would be some sex.

There's also Blow Me University - another successful college student portal.

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