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For the last three years I have been publisher of The World's Longest Open Love Letter.

From time to time, additions to The Love Letter arrive in the in-box. They touch me and serve as reminders that love is indeed important to a lot of us.

The following arrived today. Its simple statement of facts and wishes humble.

I promised Taliza a place in The World's Longest Open Love Letter. Thank you, dear Taliza, for reminding us that love moves everything. Add to the love letter any time.

- Watson

My darling Darryl,

I will always look forward to that day, that I could see all the smiles in your eyes. I wish that I could do the little things like, asking you about your day - and the lasting things, like gently touching your face and reminding you how much I cherish you...

In my lifetime, I love you.

I have lead the greatest life because of you.

Yours in my lifetime,

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