E-Greeting Card for the Pope

This digital greeting card is for His Holiness, the Pope, in honor of the his having done as many before him: moved a man of God who screwed up way big time into another position.

As other survivors have noted, Bernard Law's promotion to the Vatican is a terrible insult.

This event was the last straw for one devout Catholic survivor woman whom I know. As of the weekend of the announcement of Law's appointment to Rome, she's a much happier - if grieving the loss of her RC community - Buddhist.

The RC church missed a huge PR opportunity when in the last weeks Newark and Boston closed 48 and 64 parishes, respectively. A spokesman from Newark was quick to distance the parish closings from the abuse scandal, saying that none of the proceeds would benefit survivors.

The church would have been better served had it, rather, embraced its plight. It's clear that some of the revenues will "go" to survivors. It's one pocket.

Welcome to Blow Me University, Your Holiness.

As much as anything, I'm tired of people in power treating me like I'm stupid.

Critical thinking is not taught in schools because then the people wouldn't abide the lies.

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