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Ad for Cod Liver Oil from Johnny Middelfinger, Inc.

Sent 70 pp. screenplay to a cinematographer of some note - for whom I have a great deal of respect - asking him to attach his name to the project.

Also forwarded the package to a producer of note, asking who I have to fuck to have this film produced.

Have next month's rent in hand but not much more, principally because I've been paying 150% rent these last five months in order to fund the security deposit. This will be the final month of rent-and-a-half. Whoa. All this while not really working much for money.

Worked four weeks on a low budget thing but 75% of the income went to purchase new / replacement equipment, just to stay in the game.

Find it rather remarkable that I have been able to live thus since mid-December '03 - this amazing gift of time in which to pursue that which gives me the most happiness: birthing the fruit of my experiential womb.

Am heartened to know that my retirement monies exist; can always draw down on them if necessary. Hate to do that when the market is down. Hate to do that when there is a 10% penalty to the IRS for withdrawal.

Can always sing in the street.

Have an interview to conduct today toward writing an art/commerce piece on a bank.

My current favorite bank is Washington Mutual. Dig their advertising campaign.

Have been studying art/commerce for about two years.

The dilemma is egotism and the disdain in which I hold its practice.

The meditation is: it's not personal, it's business.

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