Advertising Because...

Photoessay on the nature of flirting.

I'd rather cut my adtertising teeth on selling my own projects than someone else's vision.

Let me tell you a story.

There's a poetry place that offers poets' / small presses retailing selling space.

I phoned the guy in charge & told him I had a manuscript that was worth $500 I wanted to place. He turned me down even when I said I'd hoped the thing would be stolen. A surprisingly flat, "No. Can't do it."

So now, I think I shall just place the thing there.

Let 'em throw it out.

In the meantime am designing the silver lame box in which the mss - the first draft of Act I of this work in novel form. It's called "The World's Longest Open Love Letter".

Part of the healing it offered was the opportunity to really be in my erotic skin in the company of others.

Did a performance with Berkeley-based Frank Moore who sagely told me - since I am a sometime actress - to play the part of someone erotic.

I'm - like - well - yeah. Okay.


It took audaciousness to get back to normal. Find the extremes; then find a place in between. It's an old theory.

Dear Mr. President,

I hope JC and you are on speaking terms about love.

Have you tried the love thing with our enemies yet?


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