At the Bath / Open Letter to the Pope

Bathing in the aluminum tub grows more graceful.
The kneeling to dip one's head in the fresh water.
The dipping of the bowl - water upon the nape.
Soap hair and rinse in sink.
Apply conditioner.
With only 3 containers of water I can sit in the tub.
Easier to rinse sitting down.
Imagine being drawn by an artist and see its fine appeal to the eye.
To be relaxed in water.
Focused upon the task of cleansing and purity.
Focused upon the idea of getting back into the body from chastity.
Question: must one not masturbate to be chaste?
I want to write to the Pope.
His Holiness Pope John Paul II
00120 Vatican City State
Your Holiness,
Were I in rags to beg on the street for forgiveness for you and yours and all of us would you join me, dear Father?
How many days would be appropriate for us to live thus? Until 10,000 letters from survivors - and those who love survivors - arrive at the Vatican, or 100 days - whichever comes first. Perhaps you die in the street with me. A poetic way to meet your Lord. I promise to kiss you with love.
But for you, the corporate church has no heart.
Your dear church is falling apart. How do you intend to save it? You have a rare opportunity to choose an honorable and purposeful death for your flock. Sell the assets to the highest bidders. Pay your debt to proven survivors then dedicate the rest to learning the truth about what our Lord wants of our bodies and souls - together and apart. Use the remaining fortune to endow research on pedophilia, sexuality and mystic chastity; a chastity that is conscious, voluntary and only as long as necessary to learn the lessons chastity teaches.
C'mon, Holiness. I'm no doorknob. I'm a former prostitute who calls to you to do what's right. Pray, man. Pray.
I am not Catholic but as a survivor of childhood sexual abuse I have that authority from which to address you.
Sincerely yours,
Ian Watson, Love Detective

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