Trapeze Artists

Women in film who rock; a day with the girls.

Meg Schrock, Joy Weber and Evin Lowe: three women who rock the film world and fly darned high, living large.

Met Meg two years ago in Goshen, IN, and she since met both Joy and Evin, whom I met in Saratoga Springs. Now, the four of us have reconnected in New York City.

More evidence of the size of the world.

Joy's camera captured the footage you see and I edited it together with music from University of California, Santa Barbara Library Cylinder Preservation and Digitization Project.

Click here to watch the quicktime video.


  1. Next time you get to the NY metropolitan area, give me a shout and I'll hook you up. You'd like these amazing humans. Yeah. Yay!

  2. I've never done that.

    You rock.

  3. Hi Jan,

    Thanks for entering this video into VlogChallenges 'Danger' challenge.

    How cool that these women are doing this. I would love to give it a try, but I imagine that you have to be in good shape, coordinated, and even with all the safety gear you probably have to have nerves of steal. Anyway, thanks for sharing. So when are we going to see you up there?

    BTW - this weeks challenge is 'Resurrection' if you're interested.

    Monique Danielle

  4. Oh, that was great for so many reasons.

    Jan, I just started a feminist media vlog that you might be interested in...more on this later, but that video was so right on. Thank you for making and sharing it. Those ladies ROCK.


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