Road Node 101::The Chipman Music Video

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Music Video time here at the Road Node; time to break out your dancin' shoes.

Philip Clark affords Randy and I a musical welcome and introduction to Peg, to whom this little piece is dedicated.

Then, we have supper (Clark cooks), and among seven bedrooms we must choose where we should lay our road-weary heads.

Welcome to Chipman, New Brunswick, where lots of great stuff happens.

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  1. sweet beats and bass! tweak that bass, baby, yeah!!! that's a classic analog synth, killer stuff.


  2. You know, if things aren't going your way,
    or it's just not the way you like it,
    always remember,
    there is nothing in the world
    that twisting a few knobs can't fix
    As Philip Clark so exceptionally demonstrated.

  3. Eric, I take your words to heart, especially since I'm a "mixer" by trade.

    There's more fun in Chipman than anyone - even the reclusive Clark - knows. Go visit Mr. Clark. Twist knobs. Make music. Tend the wood stove. Watch the moon cross the sky. Listen to the last crickets. Muck about in the muck. Fry beaver tails.


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